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Political Development in Ancient India- Jana to Mahajanapadas
0 Comments17,Mar,2018

Political Structure in Vedic Era A different concept of society in India developed with the Aryans, in the early Vedic period. The Early Vedic saw the upsurge of kingdom, which was tribal in character. Each tribe formed a separate kingdom. The basic ...

Stephen Hawking dies at 76
0 Comments15,Mar,2018

Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist and author of bestselling books died on 14th March (2018) at his home in Cambridge. He was 76.                      Stephen Hawking did research on general relativity and black holes. He wrote several popular ...

Ajivikas -A Nastika School of Indian Philosophy
0 Comments14,Mar,2018

The Ajivikas belonged to an ancient Indian sect of naked wandering ascetics who believed in karma, fatalism and extreme passivity. They were a popular sect during the reign of Bindusara, the Mauryan emperor. He and his wife were said to be followers...