Speak, write and think in English as your first language.

English is the language of business. It’s the language of foreign trade, commerce and corporate culture. There’s no escaping it. But since its seldom our first language hence even the best of erudition and upbringing

, except for when it’s a part of us even when we learn to think in English, falls short of meeting the demands of the hour.

English learning can be of two types.

First is knowing the grammar and all its nuances only to know that all the grammar in the world is not helping us speak or write that fluently as its needed in today’s fast paced life. What’s needed is a culture of English, sleeping over it, thinking in the language, and most importantly breaking our inhibitions that stalls us from speaking and communicating effectively.

Here at CASS, we have developed a set of modules of culturing English, as a part and parcel of our day to day life, we don’ t teach you right English, for there’s nothing as such. Since its one of the most living languages in the world hence everyday newer and newer words and lexicons are being added into its gamut. Some idioms are getting clichéd, hence are getting fleshed out, while some newer expressions are finding their way into common usage. All this can’t be learnt through grammar and text book rote learning. What’s needed is a fluent, no holds bar and courageous approach towards the language, not ever to master it for then we shall fall short of remaining to fear it, but to befriend English so that we both grow together.

Facing the interview:

Like the writer’s block, there are many such cases where even the most pedantic of a student cant mutter even a word before a board or panel posited to interview the same. It seems that although one might be knowing everything that’s being asked or discussed under the sun, still the mouth refuses to open up, throat dries up and lo! That golden opportunity is missed forever. On the other hand there are many who tend to go overboard while asked to display their verbal or presentational skills when asked to do so, and end up irritating the podium. Hence the right mixture of content and presentation, mettle and grit, substance and display is required. This cant be imbibed through reading on effective communication, this can only be enthused. Through some esoteric means which CASS can place its confidence and pride to have developed over a considerable period of time, dedication and research and its special faculties having had the experience in English speaking, writing and personality development modules spanning for over fifteen years of research and experience of international standards and exposure. Its through the painstaking and swashbuckling interactions with pupils from all across the world that the faculty of CASS is now gearing up to present before you the age old techniques of personality embellishment, not only the polishing up of the outer but an inner transformation that shall help you find the all new you, and confidence wont be a matter evocation but shall rise from within. Come share this life transforming experience with CASS as never and nowhere before.

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