South Africa wins Miss Universe 2017

Miss Universe 2017 was the 66th Miss Universe pageant, held on 26 November 2017. The event was held at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.  Nel-Peters, a 22-year-old Business management graduate from South Africa received her Miss Universe 2017 crown from Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere of France during finals night at the Planet Hollywood Casino Resort in Las Vegas Nevada, USA On November 16, 2017. The top three candidates — Miss South Africa 2017 Nel-Peters, Miss Colombia 2017 Laura Gonzalez and Miss Jamaica 2017 Davina Bennett — were given the same question which was read by pageant host, Steve Harvey. The final question was, “What quality in yourself are you most proud of and how will you apply that quality in your time as Miss Universe?” Nel-Peters slew the final question and answer portion who promoted the confidence and overcoming of fears especially for women. The answer of Nel-Peters impressed the judges of the event. It was “As Miss Universe, you have to be confident in who you are as an individual. A Miss Universe is a woman that has overcome many fears and by that she is able to help other women overcome their fears. She is a woman that nothing is ever too much is asked for and that’s exactly who I am.”  Nel-Peters is the second South African beauty queen to win the Miss Universe crown after Margaret Gardiner in 1978.

Winning first runner-up was Colombian actress Laura Gonzales Ospina. Her answer to the final question was: “I’m incredibly passionate in everything I do. With compassion, I have discipline. With compassion I put my whole self in every situation that I work at. I’ve done this as an actress. I’ve done this a Colombian and I do not doubt that I will do this as Miss Universe.”

Davina Bennet from Jamaica finished second runner-up. Her answer to the final question: “I’m most appreciative of is my drive, my determination. I am the owner of a foundation that spread awareness for the deaf community. And this platform is a great platform great to let persons know that these persons need opportunities and need equal opportunities as those in society. And so Miss Universe competition will be the platform for me to use this foundation to spread awareness for all the deaf and mute around. Thank you.”

A new format was followed in the selection of top 16 during the Miss Universe 2017 coronation night. The top 16 was composed of   four girls from the continents of America, four from Europe, and four from Asia, Africa, and Pacific, plus four “wild cards.”

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